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After the fall of Bad King Greyghast the Terrible at the hands of the adventuring party, "The Awesome Fellowship", the new king rewarded the party with titles, land, and vassals. In order to keep these powerful heroes loyal, the nobility sought to do what royal families have done since ancient times and marry them into it.

You play as the Duchess of Elstwhere, niece of the old king, as she travels to meet her betrothed: The brave warrior Embric, whom had freed her from the awful clutches of the former tyrant.

Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle is a (sometimes mildly explicit) yuri adventure set in a D&D-like high-fantasy world. Heavy on comedy, the focus of the game is on exploration and character interaction whilst featuring very little combat.

Released 2011.

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This game deals with mature, and at times, dark subject matter that can be jarring or disturbing to some.

Most references are anecdotal, and actual erotic content in this game is low.
Rather, this game attempts to discuss some very heady issues that one can encounter, growing up, that we often have very little control of.

The tale of the Duchess of Elsewhere is one of relentless positivity in the face of doubt, tragedy, abuse, and the circumstances of one's home environment. The Author hopes that Embric of Wulfhammer's castle can confront some of those issues in a somewhat tactful way, through the vision of the Duchess of Elsewhere, in a safe cartoon environment, in hopes that her strange and wonderful circumstances can give us some perspective on our own.

That said, Embric of Wulfhammer's castle is ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN.


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Excuse me, I want to ask about something. So, how do you play the game? more like how do you control it? because I have tried the arrow key and the number pad but the character still won't move. Please Help! I really want to play this game!

I've just been slapped back into, what, maybe late 2012 is when I first stumbled on EoWC? Holy bejeebus. Where did the time go?

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Right?! For a concept whose fundamental nature is unclear, time sure does a lot of flying! That said, we've also got plans to give homes to some of our more recent-ish games here on itch.io soon!


I played this game years ago, it was a big part of my developing queer identity to find a silly-yet-nuanced game with explicit (not as in adult) femslash content. I am SO EXCITED it's on Itch, as it gives me even more of a reason to beg my friends to play it, haha.
That being said, you should probably mark the download as being for the Windows platform. Not only will it make it easier for people to find this game by filtering for the Windows platform, it'll also make it possible for people like me to manage the game through the Itch.io official app!


Hi there yourself! Thanks so much for the nice comment! We at LBS are really happy to hear that about you and your story!

(And thanks so much for the tip! It's properly marked now!)

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Oh heck, I just realized; Itch.io doesn't support games that require an executable to install very well, especially if they require elevated permissions to install. You may want to note in the description that it's in that format, or possibly provide an alternate version with the whole game in one archive.
Having played many RPGM games in my life, I would make an educated guess that the reason it's packed as an executable is that it requires the RPGM'03 RTP, right? In that case, they have the RTPs as installables on the RPGM official site nowadays. You can have one version of the RTP and play as many games as you want that require (that version of) the RTP.  Here's a link to the download site if you don't know what I'm talking about. It explains the pros and cons of having the RTP bundled and having it not bundled.
All in all, if people are afraid of running .exes, an .exe from a Official Site(tm) would probably be more reassuring. Plus having it in an archive lets one play the game by launching it through the Itch.io app (technically I use Playsite, which lets you manage libraries from multiple platforms like Steam and Itch.io as well as custom games, but it would be so much easier to just, merge this game's path and description and banner and everything from Itch. It's complicated stuff haha.) So uh, yeah, feel free to ignore this, but I thought I'd try to explain stuff, since it seems like you may be new to itch.io.


Ah! Those are all good suggestions! (And uh, cough, yes, we are.)

It'll probably take some digging through the Battleship's archives and/or general computer wrangling to make, but we'll definitely look into the possibility of a slimmer, more trustworthy-looking, non-executable download option!


IIRC there's a portable version of EoWC on aeresland.net, but I have no idea if that's an official version or not.